Ivan Watson was chased and bitten by a dog. (Photo: Nicole Barratt)

A boy has been left with a puncture wound to his leg after being chased and bitten by a dog on Sunday.

Ivan Watson was running past the Eskdale Road roundabout towards Birkdale around 10am when the attack occurred.

The 18-year-old said he heard barking and turned to see two dogs chasing him.

The dogs came out of a residential property, however he could not tell exactly which one.

Watson described the dogs to be of small build, both white and one with brown patches.

The teen said the dogs were snarling and barking aggressively, when the brown-patched dog caught up to him and “sunk its teeth” into his leg.

“I kicked it in the head and ran. You don’t think when you’re being attacked, it’s just a rush of adrenaline,” he said.

Watson suffered a puncture wound to his right leg, but said he did not realise he was bleeding until he got home.

The victim reported the attack to Auckland Council the same day.

Watson said he was told that unless he could give an exact address, the council could do nothing about the dogs.

Watson describes the council’s response as “disappointing”, adding that he hoped a dog officer would “at least knock on doors” around the area.

He said although the wound he suffered was minor, his main concern was if it had been a small child.

The teen said: “The dog could have easily gone for a child’s neck. It could have been far worse than it was.”

An Auckland Council representative said: “Not following up a dog bite claim isn’t protocol…an animal officer should have been sent to take a statement from the victim.”

The representative said although knowing which house the dogs came from is ideal, it should not stop a full investigation.

Watson wants to know where the owners were and how the dogs escaped.

According to Auckland Council, more than 12000 dog bite claims were filed in 2015 and cost ACC over $4.5 million.


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