The bottling of a young man left behind a blood-splattered couch at Everysing karaoke bar. (Photo: Max Watson)

A night of karaoke turned sour in Auckland central when a 20-year-old had a bottle smashed on his arm by a “drunken teen”.

The attack occurred at Everysing Karaoke Bar on Commerce Street on Friday night just after 1am.

Jamie Johnston was left with glass stuck in his head and lacerations to his arm and back.

The young man, who had paid for a private karaoke room, said he noticed a group of three teenagers “hanging around” Everysing’s bar around 1am.

Johnston said the group consisted of two Pacific Islander males and one Caucasian male.

“Two of my friends went for a walk and the teenagers must have seen them leave. It was just two of us left in the room and we must have looked pretty vulnerable,” the 20-year-old said.

Johnston said the Caucasian teenager came into the booth and asked “what kind of songs they had”.

“He left, but the same guy came back and slammed open the door about 20 seconds later,” the young man recalled.

Johnston said the attacker grabbed a corona bottle off the table and said: “I’m going to f*****g kill you.”

“He smashed the corona bottle over my arm…I dropped to the floor and put my hands over my head,” said Johnston.

The 20-year-old said the teen continued to “bash him”, punching his head and face.

Johnston said the group of three attackers ran out of Everysing before they could be stopped.

The young man said the two police officers who arrived at the scene said they had “just responded to a similar incident” that night.

Johnston thinks it could have been the same attackers who were “probably intoxicated or under the influence of drugs”.

It has taken the 20-year-old a week off work to recover.

*Note: attack occurred late February. Article on site published late. 


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