(Article: Nicole Barratt)

West Auckland’s St Dominic’s College has implemented a new set of rules that ban “inappropriate” ball dresses.

The new rules include: A split on the dress must not be above the knee; the dress must show no cleavage; the back of the dress must not be below the armpit; and shoes must not be removed once inside the venue.

The high school has also banned females from bringing a ball date they are not in a “serious relationship” with.

One student said the new rules were “read out at a levels assembly”.

She said students who have already bought dresses have been instructed to show them to the associate principal, and they will be told if it’s “too exposed or not”.

One ex-St Dominic’s College student took to Facebook this evening to express her frustration and share a Change.org petition requesting the school change these rules.

“So basically my old high school has enforced some INSANE rules about what girls can wear to the ball…Sign this to show how messed up and wrong these rules are. Nearly no ball dresses would fit this criteria,” Kelly Tomlinson writes.

In two hours the Facebook post received over 100 likes and has been shared 48 times.

The petition, set up anonymously, is addressed to St Dominic’s College Senior Teachers and Board of Trustees.

The petition is titled: “Change the extreme St Dominic’s Catholic College ball dress rules”.

The petition has been met with overwhelming support, 2081 people have signed the petition in the space of four hours.

The petition has attracted numerous comments of support and bewilderment.

“You cannot take off your shoes no matter how sore your feet get. What facet of decency would a person be breaking by taking off their shoes,” Izaac Leach writes.

The petition has set a goal of obtaining 2500 signatures.

419 signatures are needed to complete the goal.

St Dominic’s College is a Catholic high school located in Henderson and caters for girls Year 7 to 13.

The school is yet to be reached for comment.

The petition:



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